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Dance Training in Schools

We provide following types of dance services to Schools:

  1. Annual Day Dance Choreography
  2. Regular dance training
  3. Summer Camp
  4. Creating performances for competitions
  5. Building a dance troupe from scratch with the aim of winning TV competitions.

Annual Day Dance Programs:

Annual days are all about showcasing the kids’ talent to parents through entertainment performances (dance, singing, drama) and sports. Entertainment in the form of dance is the most appreciated activity but it not easy to execute especially at the kindergarten level or at junior school. It takes months of planning, creating themes by working with teachers and then choreographing a dance based story. Our team members have designed various annual day performances for top schools in Delhi including Modern School Vasant Vihar, Lycée Français de Delhi among many others.

Welcome dance for school annual days can be a Ganesh Vandana, followed by a themed dance performance (a musical) say Cinderella or shows based on festivals, for example, followed by a non-dance drama, singing and music and then another themed dance performance by the older kids (age above 12). Whatever the need, please call us and discuss your requirements with ample time in hand. We don’t take last minute annual day projects.

Regular Dance Training:

We take or have taken regular dance classes in Bollywood, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Folk, Semi-classical, Parkour, B-Boying/Breaking at various schools in Delhi and NCR including the prestigious American Embassy School, Japanese School, German School, The British School, The Ardee School, Bumble Bees School, Shiv Nadar University and various companies. Our instructors are Internationally trained and have received excellent feedback from all the institutions where we have taught.

We conduct/have conducted following dance classes at various schools in Delhi/NCR-

1) Kinder Fun Dance/Creative Fun Movements (grade kg to 1): Kinder Fun Dance is more than a dance program which blends educational concepts with various forms of movement, dance and Gymnastics. The program helps develop gross motor skills, movement creativity, fitness and body awareness. Each class is taught using lesson plans which incorporate different types of techniques, music and songs.

2) Freestyle Dance (Grade 2 to Grade 10 ): Freestyle is a way of dancing in which the dancer improvises his/her moves on the spot, as he/she dances, instead of having them planned beforehand. In a Freestyle dance class, students will be taught easy steps to learn how to freestyle dance.

3) Jazz-Funk (Grade 3  to Grade 10): Jazz-Funk (also called street jazz) is a hybrid of Hip-hop and jazz dance. The foundational movements of this dance style are Jazz but it takes elements of Hip Hop and Walking style. R&B singer Beyonce uses this style. Korean dance crew Prepix also uses this style.

4) Urban Dance (Grade 4 to Grade 10): Urban dance is a genre, community, and lifestyle revolving around choreographed pieces and performances by a dancer or groups of dancers. The urban dance scene did evolve, in certain aspects, from hip-hop dance roots. Several moves and grooves and concepts were inspired by hip-hop and funk styles. It is influenced by several different dance styles but is ultimately based on the choreographer’s individual interpretation of the music.

5) Zumba Kids (Grade 3 to Grade 10): Zumba Kids, Jr classes are rockin’, high-energy dance parties packed with kid-friendly routines. We break down steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure.

6) Bollywood Dance (Grade 2 to Grade 10): Bollywood Dance is the dance form used in the Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include belly-dancing, Kathak, Indian folk, Western popular, and “modern”, jazz.

7) Hip Hop (Grade 4 to Grade 10): Hip Hop Dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking and popping which were created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States.

8) Parkour (Grade 2 to Grade 10): Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation. Parkour’s development from military training gives it some aspects of a non-combative martial art.

I think the numbers speak for themselves since there is still a lot of?
interest in your classes even though we are in the third quarter of?
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seem to be quite popular. Thanks again for sending your wonderful?
instructors to AES. It has been a pleasure to work with them and you?
and I hope to continue for as long as I am in Delhi.

Jennifer Connors, American Embassy School

Summer Camp:

The capital city is unpleasantly famous for its scorching heat during the summer season which forces the school authorities to remain shut for over a month and allows them to begin with their creative summer camp workshops to keep the kids engaged and prevent them from getting lazy and bored during the vacations. Delhi Dance Academy has an excellent reputation when it comes to conducting dance classes at these summer camps. We offer a variety of dance classes which are designed in such a way that it helps the kids have fun while learning. Some of the dance forms that we offer at these summer camp are Kinder Fun Dance, Jazz Funk, Freestyle, Zumba Kids, Bollywood, Parkour & Gymnastics. Delhi Dance Academy conducted successful classes/workshops as a part of the Summer Camp in American Embassy School(AES), Apeejay School & Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj & Gurgaon.

Building a Dance Troupe from Scratch with the Aim of Winning TV Competitions:

The Dance Sagar Manthan: Mythologically, when the angels and demons churned the ocean, invincibility magic potion was extracted. It is the same magic potion that we can create for schools by auditioning each student to create a 15 people dance group that we would train to compete in national competitions. This activity gives the school unparalleled visibility and name in the field of dance. It is a massive program that takes months and we have skilled choreographers to audition tens of thousands of students, creating multiple levels of qualifying to find the 15 best dancers. These dancers are then rigorously trained by celebrity choreographers to create dance pieces that would have the X-factor to win competitions.

If you want your school to build a superb name in the field of dance, contact Delhi Dance Academy for a meeting where we will explain how the procedure works. The dance team will be trained in multiple modern dance forms including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Belly and B-Boying/Gymnastics to make them superb all-round dancers.

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