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Photo Gallery

We have taken hundreds of photos during dance sessions and events. Although we’ve tried to upload some here, but because we upload new photos every week on Facebook, may we recommend that you have a look at our Facebook photo gallery for our latest dance studio and student photography.

 DDA’s Facebook Photo Gallery (regularly updated)

 Delhi Dance Academy Video Gallery

Our photo gallery has evolved with time. Earlier when Facebook wasn’t as popular, we used to have a website with a photo gallery page, which vanished as our new website came about. Old technology didn’t permit us to transfer those photos here. Then at one stage we started uploading pics to photo-sharing websites like Picasa and Flickr, but they have too much distraction (ads and other non-related pics) which means when we send someone to Picasa and Flickr, the user gets distracted and ends up browsing through cinema pics and scenery. That’s why we now think Facebook is the best repository for our pics. An easy way to stay updated with Delhi Dance Academy’s latest  dance photography and  videos is to like us on Facebook and receive regular updates. Love dance, love DDA! 🙂


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