NOC & Permissions for Music or Dance Event in Gurgaon, Haryana

This document will help you obtain all permissions to conduct a public performance in Gurgaon. When we conducted AVAJARRED 3, we went through 2 weeks of hell and confusion that I don’t want any individual/company to go through. I will write about the entire process, how to get permissions, where to go to get which permission and how much time you should expect it to take. Don’t worry, it’s not impossible, start now and you will get the permissions just fine!

Introduction: Avajarred 3

Delhi Dance Academy’s annual show was held at the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and when booking the venue, little did we know that getting permissions from the authorities would be the biggest challenge – bigger than conducting the actual show itself 😉

Summary (must read)

To conduct any public show/performance (dance, acting, music, concert etc) in Gurgaon, you must obtain an NOC (no objection certificate) from the City Magistrate, Gurgaon. A NOC from the City Magistrate involves getting individual NOCs from 5 different authorities:

1. Commissioner of Police
2. MCG – Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon
3. S.D.M (North), Gurgaon (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
4 . Office of the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner (Entertainment Taxation Office)
5. From the venue where you will be conducting the show/performance.

This process will take a minimum of 2 weeks and therefore I recommend you don’t leave it for the last minute. Maybe there are agents who get this kind of stuff done, but I couldn’t find anyone and those that I spoke with did not instill any confidence and therefore we decided to get these permissions ourselves.

Let’s get this done, don’t worry, you will get these permissions and you will conduct your show – just don’t give the authorities any chance to blame you for doing it last minute and make sure that your documentation is complete and be prepared to shuttle from one office to another. I’ll tell you how to do it and where to go exactly. Let’s start!

Let’s get Started – Acual Steps to Obtaining an NOC for a Public Performance in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Step 1:

On your letterhead, draft the following letter, and self-attest it:

Step 2:

Get a letter from the venue (the authorities of the place where you want to conduct the event) first stating that they have permitted you to conduct the event. The letter that we received is attached below:

Step 3:

Go to Mini-Secretariat, find the City Majistrate’s office – It’s on the first floor of the building. You will need to go up the stairs and take the 2nd right on the main corridor. Go straight and you will see the “City Magistrate’s office on the right hand side. Skip that and go to the 2nd door on the right after the City Magistrate’s Office and present the above 2 documents to the person there.

The person here will write the names and details of the 4 Govt. authorities where you have to go and get individual NOCs. This will be written on the back of your letter seeking NOC and you will then be asked to produce 5 photo-copies of the 2 documents and this information as seen below:

Step 4:

Now that you have these 5 documents, you will have to go individually to the listed authorities and get NOCs – Now’s when the hard-work actually starts.

Step 4.1:

Now that you already have the NOC from the Venue, you need the following 4 NOCs:

1. Commissioner of Police
2. MCG – Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon
3. S.D.M (North), Gurgaon (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
4 . Office of the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner (Entertainment Taxation Office)

On the ground floor of the same building is the office of S.D.M. (North) – Climb down the stairs, find the office and if you’re lucky to find the gentleman that we did, you must leave the one of the 5 copies with him. He will write a note saying that the NOC is given and will get it signed from the S.D.M. which you can collect the next working day.

After you get this, you’ve completed one of the 4 NOCs! Congratulations!

Step 4.2:

Let’s do the Commissioner of Police next – for this again you have to start in the same building. Go to the 3rd floor and you will see one room that says “foreign nationals”. Go inside and show the 2nd copy of the 5 copies to the person there. This person will then stamp the copy twice and return to you to be taken to the appropriate police station.

1. Commissioner of Police
2. MCG – Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon
3. S.D.M (North), Gurgaon (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
4 . Office of the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner (Entertainment Taxation Office)

The police station that you have to take the letter to would depend on the location of your venue (where the dance or music event will take place), so please make sure you ask where to go. We were asked to go to the DLF Phase 2 police station.

When you reach the police station, you will need to present this letter there. The personnel are supposed to write the NOC note and the SHO is supposed to sign it, but before he does, he will send a person to the venue to make sure everything’s in place with respect to the security. This procedure takes a long time and therefore, must be started weeks before the show. Once one of the police officials reaches the venue, he/she will speak with the management and make sure security arrangements are in place. Then the SHO will then sign the document.

Once this is signed by the SHO, bring the letter back to the 3rd floor of the mini-secretariat building where you started from and get the final NOC.

Step 4.3

Take the 3rd document to the Deputy Excise and taxation Commissioner – This office is located very close to the Magistrate’s office. As soon as you exit the building, take a left and at the T point you will see the taxation office.

1. Commissioner of Police
2. MCG – Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon
3. S.D.M (North), Gurgaon (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
4 . Office of the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner (Entertainment Taxation Office)

Once there, you will need to go all the way to the back side which you will have to ask someone. It is impossible to write on this document how to get there. Once there, you will probably meet a lady who will take your 3rd document and then send you to the Excise and Taxation Commissioner or one of the senior officers who will ask you questions about the entry to your event. Whether it is a ticketed event or free for all etc. If your event is ticketed, you will need to pay the entertainment tax and if it is a free for all, you will need to declare it. In our case it was a free entry event where entertainment tax wasn’t applicable.

After this meeting, when you go back to the lady who you first met, she will send you to the court (1 10 minute walking distance), where you will have to meet a typist to get a letter that declares that you will not be charging any entry fee or participation fee from any of the audience/participants. She sent us to one Mr Roshan Lal Sevak who knew exactly what we wanted and made the letter for us.

To be doubly safe, it is better to ask details of what the letter must say before you go to the typist.

Once done, bring the letter back and the officer will sign it and that’s done! Congratulations, now 1 to go.

Step 4.4

Getting the NOC from MCG (Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon) – This is the toughest and most time consuming of them all!

1. Commissioner of Police
2. MCG – Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon
3. S.D.M (North), Gurgaon (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
4 . Office of the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner (Entertainment Taxation Office)

  1. Take the 4th letter to the MCG office in Civil Lines (not the one opposite Civil Hospital – there are two MCG offices and it can be confusing to determine which one to go to). There you will meet an official who will mark it for the Fire Department. 
  2. Take the letter to the appropriate Fire Department – for this we had to go near HUDA City Centre and meet Mr Kashyap there. 
  3. There one of the personnel will make a file which will have to be brought back to the MCG’s office – This time, you have to go to the other MCG office opposite Civil Hospital (not to the one in Civil Lines). 
  4. At the MCG office opposite the Civil Hospital, you must go and meet this gentleman Mr Dinesh Kumar who will get the file signed by the Municipal Commissioner.
  5. Once done, you will need to pay 2 challans of Rs 750 and Rs 1000 respectively.
  6.  Once these are paid, you will need to take the file back to the Fire Department’s office who will then check, sign and send it back to the MCG Office opposite the Civil Hospital.
  7. Once you bring it back to the MCG office, you will get the following NOC:
  8. Once you get this, you’ve completed the 4th and last NOC that you had to obtain from the individual authorities. But you still haven’t got the final NOC that you need. 

Step 5:

Now that you have the following 5 NOCs, take all these NOCs back to the City Magistrate’s office from where we first started. 

1. Commissioner of Police
2. MCG – Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon
3. S.D.M (North), Gurgaon (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
4 . Office of the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner (Entertainment Taxation Office)
5. Venue where the event will take place (in our case Ambience Mall, Gurgaon)

The City Magistrate will then issue a single document.

We don’t have a copy of this document because despite repeated requests and attempts, we could not get the final NOC in time. On the day of the event, someone from the Police department came who was satisfied after seeing the Police NOC.

I would seriously urge you to start well before time (at least 4 weeks before the event) and have a dedicated, intelligent person to get this done or you will be spending all of you time getting the NOC, and your event will suffer big time.

I was lucky to have Mr Ashish Saxena from A2O Events & Marketing who helped me out big time and I cannot ever thank him enough. In case you need his help (he now knows almost everyone there), you can contact him on 08003091526.

Delhi Dance Academy wishes you good luck and I hope that this document will help you obtaining all the permissions. If you have any questions, please write to us at info [at] delhidanceacademy [dot] in and I’ll try to answer.

Sincerely, Arjun Sandhu, Co-Director, Delhi Dance Academy.


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