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Become A Professional Dancer, Teacher And Choreographer.

Diploma In Dance is an intensive course in dance.It focuses on five main areas, namely dance technique,contextual studies, dance practice, teaching skills and choreography. The course will be beneficial to students because it will open up avenues for employment in various commercial and entertainment sectors. It will also help students to develop themselves as dancers and make a name for themselves as artists individually. As the course will teach creation of dance steps, routines, interpretations etc., it will be of great help to those who want to pursue a career in choreography and teaching.

Course Structure:

Module I –    Dance Technique

Module II –  Contextual Studies

Module III- Dance Practice

Module IV – Teaching Skills

Module V  – Choreography Technique and Skills

Module I – Dance Technique

Technique is the basis of all  fundamentals of dance, from holding your body correctly while performing to executing skills properly in a routine. Strong technique extends across all areas of dance, regardless of the style of your routine.

Module II –  Contextual Studies

Contextual studies is designed to encourage students to make connections between theory and practical, to engage in critical analysis, to improve speaking and writing skills and establish a voice of their own in a rigorous academic environment.

Module III- Dance Practice

  • Dance Practice within chosen dance genre.
  • The relation between music and dance.

Module IV – Teaching Skills

  • Observation and practice of learning techniques.
  • The level and structure of the class.
  • Methods used to instruct the class and to pace activities.
  • Motivational techniques used.
  • Student reaction and progression.
  • Methods of correcting employed.

Module V  – Choreography Technique and Skills

  • Dance composition.
  • Music Editing.
  • Production choreography.
  • Dance rehearsal and performance preparation.
  • Understanding Sound, sound mixing, and lights.
  • Costumes and designing.



One must have basic dancing skills. Must have passed 10 + 2 and can read and write in English.
Interested participants must email his/her Bio-data at info@delhidanceacademy.in


Basic level dancing skill on any dance form. One dance performance of 3 minutes.


The total course for Diploma IN Dance( 12 months is) Rs. 1,95,000/

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