Gymnastics Classes in Delhi

Updated on Apr 2, 2015

Learn Gymnastics in Delhi from Professionals!

Locations: Delhi Dance Academy, Amar Colony and Gurgaon.

Schedule for Gymnastics at Delhi Dance Academy

Regularly updated schedule for all Amar Colony, Delhi classes is available
at: Delhi Dance Classes Schedule and the schedule for all Gurgaon classes
is available at: Dance Class Schedule in Gurgaon.

For Adults

Batch 1: Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30pm to 3pm. ENROLLING

Batch 2: Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 11:30am. ENROLLING

Fee for Gymnastics Classes (3 hours every week)

Monthly - Rs.3000
Quarterly - Rs.9000 Rs.7000 (saving of Rs.2000)
Half Yearly - Rs.18000 Rs.12000 (saving of Rs.6000)
Yearly - Rs.36000 Rs.20000 (saving of Rs.16000)

Brief Introduction to Gymnastics

The sport of Gymnastics requires superior body flexibility and strength that comes with regular training from a trained Gymnast. In Delhi, as is a popular fact, the infrastructure for such sports is very limited and despite us having a lot of manpower, we as a country have never done anything outstanding in any of the acrobatics fields. This is not because we can’t do it, it is because we haven’t ever been given the opportunity. China, exactly like India a few decades ago was the highest medal winner in the last Olympics because of their newly developed infrastructure and focus on sport.

Gymnastics Classes by Arman Safa Khan at Delhi Dance Academy Featured on The Timeout Magazine – May 2014.

The Trainer and Infrastructure at Delhi Dance Academy

At Delhi Dance Academy we have got together a fine instructor and high class infrastructure to give preliminary Gymnastics training to men and women of all ages (from children above the age of 3 to adults up to the age of 50). The facilities include 4 x 6 feet height x 3 feet width x 4 inch thick mattresses specially designed for shock absorbing to protect students, 1 big bus tyre tube used to gain thrust for jumps, protective equipment for elbows and knees and helmets along with yoga mats, protective hard mats. The following image shows you what the studio typically looks like.

The trainer is Arman Safa who hails from Afghanistan and has won various medals in Gymnastics including the Gold Medal from the Olympic Committee in Afghanistan. He is also a Gold medalist in Kung Fu and was a national player of Fencing. He started off gymnastics in India as a hobby at a park in Malviya Nagar and soon developed a huge fan following of about 20 students who started practicing regularly with him. On starting with Delhi Dance Academy, Arman has been giving regular Gymnastics sessions at the South Delhi Amar Colony center of Delhi Dance Academy.

Syllabus for Level A Certificate Course:

Warm Up + Rolls(Front, Back, Dive) + Basic Abs Exercises
Warm Up + Drills using Tyre Tubes (Hoop Jump, Long Jump over the tyre tubes) + Basic Abs
Warm Up + Handstand, Bridge and Stretching Exercises + Basic Abs Exercises
Warm Up + Revision of all types of Rolls and Jumps + Basic Abs Exercises
Warm Up + Handstand, Bridge and Stretching Exercises +  Abs Workouts
Warm Up + Back Walkover And Front Walkover +  Abs Workouts
Warm Up + Round Off and Cartwheel +  Abs Workouts
Warm Up +  Stretching Exercises +  Abs Workouts
Warm Up + Commando Training Exercises And Front Flip +  Abs Workouts
Warm Up + Commando Training Exercises And Back Flip +  Abs Workouts
Warm Up + Stretching Exercises And Body Strengthening Exercises  +  Abs Workouts
Free Running and other Outdoor Exercises Followed by Audition for Certificate


Until we come up with more professional videos, the following video shows a first month class in action with students doing jumps in the first month itself. These students are not sportsmen or dancers, but normal people working in ordinary jobs.

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  • Sir/ Ma’am

    I’m a 16 year old boy and will be coming to Delhi for my vacations. I will be having a lot of free time on my hands and so I was wondering if it’s is possible to come for both, the Tuesday and Thursday as well as the Saturday and Sunday courses. I’m not too interested in the dance part, just the gymnastic part of it, flips, hand springs, etc.

    Thanking you,
    Dhruv Kapur

    • Hey Dhruv,

      Its always better to put your idle time into doing something productive and my friend you have made a good decision to learn gymnastics while you are here for your vacations. You can surely join in both the weekdays and weekends batches at DDA.
      Please connect with me for the fees package details and lets get started soon:)

      Nazir(+91 8377053325)

  • I wanted to know if i could learn the backflip in 1 month only. Would u guys allow that?I am sixteen and is the centre still open in lajpat nagar??

    • Hey Saarthak,

      Sorry pal! There are no shortcuts to success. There is a certain structure which we follow when we train students in our Gymnastics classes at DDA to avoid unnecessary injuries, you will have to give yourself some time, atleast 3 months if you want to get into Backflips and all.
      Come be a part of our Gymnastics Classes, Sat & Sun 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at our amar colony center.
      Call me up on 8377053325 for any further queries, would love to help you.


  • Hello sir,
    I am 25 year boy and I want to join this type of class but I never tried any gym or exercise before..
    I have a little bit fear about deficulty level of this type of dance..
    And I have simple body not so fat but not flexible body..
    Is it suitable for me… I am living in dwarka Delhi…

    • Hey Inderjeet,

      Stop worrying about your body flexibility or age and remove all your doubts about Gymnastics Classes, whether you will be able to do it or not!
      Yes you can! only if you are determined to put in hardwork and learn the techniques we teach you in the classes.
      The session is gonna be at our Delhi Centre.”Delhi Dance Academy”
      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Furniture Market, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom.
      Call me up on 8377053325 to know about the timings & fees structure.
      See you soon at the academy.


  • Hello,

    This is Manu from Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. I am 27 years and weight 66 KG with so much body fat. Can you please suggest if I would be able to do Gymnastics or not?

    If yes, can you please forward me a copy of classes details at my email ID.

    Thank You!!
    Manu S

    • Hey Manu,

      Yes you can do gymnastics, your age & weight is perfectly fine.
      You can join our Gymnastics batch on Sat & Sun 8:30 am to 10:00 am.
      The session is gonna be at our Delhi Centre.”Delhi Dance Academy”
      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Furniture Market, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom.

      Please call me on +91 8377053325 to connect with us.


  • Is there any branch in kirti nagar new delhi

    • Hey Ritik,

      Unfortunately we just have 1 center which is in South Delhi, Lajpat Nagar, Amar Colony.

      Nazir(+91 8377053325)

  • Sir i m 40 years old I have no felxibl body may I learn ginmstick tell me plz

    • Dear Sir,

      There is no age bar but we would still recommend you to do a trial before joining and decide for joining. The batches timing are Tue-Thurs 1:30 to 3:00 pm and on Sat-Sun 9:00 to 10:00 am. Trial fee is Rs.300 which also get adjusted in monthly fee ofRs.3000 when you join the batch. Give us a call on 011-41012909 to book your trial.


  • Hi my child is 9yr old and we live in rohini so plz let me know that how and where my ward can join gymnastics classes

    • Hi Vinay,

      We have centre in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar where we have Gymnastics classes. We have weekday and weekend batches available. let us know on 011-41012909 if interested.


  • Need to enroll my daughter for her weight loss as well as height gain .Are these classes going to help her

    • Dear Deepak,

      Gymnastics is great for growing kids as it helps not only good physical but also mental growth. We have weekdays and weekend classes available. The timing are Tue-Thur 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm and Sat – Sun 9 am to 10 am. Please give us a call on 011-41012909 in advance to book trial.

      Thank you

  • Hi. My daughter is 2 year old. Can she enroll for the Gymnastics classes ?

    • Dear Rashi,

      Unfortunately we do not take that small kids in Gymnastics classes. In our bollywood classes also we take 3+ year old kids. You can probably contact us next year for sure :)


  • Hi, I’m 25 and overweight, but also very interested in learning Gymnastics.
    Do let me know if any weekend options are available for beginners


    • Dear Sangeeta,

      We have Gymnastics classes on weekend available at our Delhi centre. Timings are Saturday 9 am to 10 am and Sunday 9 am to 11 am. It will definitely help you to shed away those extra kilos by making you more flexible and working on your muscle strength. You can also book your trial by calling 011-41012909 and see it yourself :)


  • Hi

    Do you have any courses in dance / gymnastics / yoga for 3yr old?


    • Dear Muna,

      We have Kids batches starting from 3 year olds and we teach them Bollywood dance form. There are 2 batches in our Lajpat Nagar Centre Mon-Wed-Fri 3 pm to 4 pm & Sat – Sun 11 pm to 12:30 pm. Fee is 2500/- per month. You can book trial by calling on 011-41012909.

      Thank You

  • I want to learn gymnastics, I am from Darya ganj new delhi. I can afford only 2 days a week, preferably sat & sunday.
    Kindly let me know the charges for the same. And what kind of gymnastic will you prefer, as I am 25 years old and also fond of dancing, learnt Kathak for 5 years? And how far is your centre from Lajpatnagar metro station?

    • Dear Vani,

      The timing for Gymnastics classes for weekend is Sat 9 am to 10 am & Sun 9 am to 11 am. Fee is Rs.3000 per month. The address for our Lajpat Nagar centre is E238, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4. Nearest Metro Station will be Kailash Colony Metro Station. It will take you 10 minutes approx to reach us from there. Call us on 011-41012909 in case of any help.

      Best Regards

  • HI, Wanted to learn gymnastics. I am 32 year old and live in Gurgaon. Do you give classes in Gurgaon .. Please advise. Also, tried reaching out on your no. but that is not reachable


    • Hello Vivek,

      Unfortunately we do not have Gymnastics classes at our Gurgaon centre. We have it in our Delhi centre which is in Lajpat Nagar. Please call us on 011-41012909 for details.


  • I am interested in joining the program , is there any branch in Laxmi Nagar , Please Mail me the details , Contract me 7836883734

    • Hi Puneet,

      We do not have any branch in Laxmi Nagar. :( We have Gymnastics classes at our South Delhi Centre. Please call on 011-41012909 for details.

      Thank you

  • Hi I would like to enroll for the adult gymnastics class. Do let me know the procedure.

    • Hi Aditi,

      We have Gymnastics classes at our Lajpat Nagar Center. Tue-Thur 01:30pm to 03:00pm and Sat-Sun 09:00 am to 10:00 am. Fee is 3000 per month. Call on 011-41012909 to book your trial.


  • Hello
    My son is 5 years old and I want him to join gymnastics. But as your academy is far from our place. Do you have any branch in Pitampura area as well?

    • Hello Ms. Neeru!
      Sorry, we do not have any branch in Pitampura. Our Delhi studio is at Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4. Moreover, the batches that we have, in those we don’t enroll 5 years old kids. In case you are keen on the Bollywood freestyle classes at our above mentioned studio then you are most welcome.


  • Where can I get enrolled my 3 years 6 months old daughter for gymnastic training in Ghaziabad?

    • Hello!

      Abhishek we have only two studios in Delhi NCR, one at South Delhi and another one at Gurgaon. Gymnastics classes are only available at our Delhi studio and that too for adults. But we do have specific kids batches available for freestyle Bollywood dance. In case you are interested then kindly get in touch with us.

      All the best!

  • Hi, I want to learn gymnastics. I live in Janakpuri. Do you have any branch nearby Janakpuri.
    My contact number is 9582707909.
    Can you please give me your number, so that I can directly contact you?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi! :)
      Tried calling you Anmol but no luck! We have just two studios in Delhi NCR and gymnastics classes are available only at our studio at Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4. To know more about the batches schedule and the enrollment procedure kindly get in touch with me on 9811555359.

      You are welcome!

  • Sir,
    I am 26 years old. My weight is 68 kilograms and height is 5’9”.
    Is it possible to learn gymnastics at the age of 26? I am not so flexible.

    • Ritesh,
      Let me assure you that age, weight and height are no bars to start learning gymnastics at Delhi Dance Academy! And your flexibility will actually improve if you start doing gymnastics! We have beginner’s batches available at our South Delhi Studio. Please call me on 9811555359 to know more.


  • I want to learn gymnastics. I stay in Okhla, New Delhi. My contact number is 8010339495.

    • Hello Shadab!

      Our Delhi Studio is at Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar-4 (nearest Metro Station, Kailash Colony on Violet line), where you can learn gymnastics under the guidance of our expert, Olympics qualified instructor, Armaan Safa Khan. To know more about the available batches please feel free to contact me on 9811555359 from 10 am to 8 pm.


  • Hi,

    This is Prashant. I am interested in learning gymnastics. Age is 23. Please revert back.


    • Hey!

      Gymnastics classes are available at our South Delhi studio which is at Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4. To know more about the classes call on 9811555359.

      Thanks for getting in touch with us Prashant!

  • My kid wants gymnastic classes

    • Dear Tanishq, we can’t get through to your phone number. We have rhythmic gymnastics on Saturdays from 3-4pm and Sundays 5-6pm. The fee is Rs 1500 per month. Best regards, Arjun 9910222770

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Dance Away that Flab

Can't decide between the gym and dancing to lose that extra weight or to stay fit in general? Here's a list of dance forms taught at Delhi Dance Academy with the average calories burnt in 1 hour:

Zumba: 500-1000
Aerobics: 500-800
Jazz Contemporary: 400-600
Bharatnatyam: 400-600
Hip-Hop: 350-550
Belly dance: 250-450
Bollywood: 300
Salsa: 200-300

These numbers vary with your body weight and the amount of effort you put in.

How can I lose weight?
You lose weight when you consume or burn more calories than you take. Burning 3500 calories means you lose 1 lbs or 450 grams (almost half a Kilo) of weight.

In other words, if you cut 500 calories from your diet each day or burn 500 calories working out or dancing, you would lose 0.45 kgs in a week. :)

At Delhi Dance Academy we can also talk to you about your daily diet and recommend changes to help you lose weight.

Delhi Dance Academy has been featured on 24 x 7 News Channel as one of Delhi's best dance institutes. We have made recent appearances on TV Channels like BBC, Aajtak, E TV, NHK World, MTv and NDTV Goodtimes. We are among the top 50 activities to do while in Delhi by TripAdvisor with excellent reviews.

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